Killing Eve Public Displays of Obsession

For Killing Eve Series 2, we wanted show the growing obsession between the two main characters: psychopath Villanelle and MI6 agent Eve. Our solution was simple—we had their relationship play out like a real lover’s tiff across OOH, radio and social.

Anonymous billboards from Villanelle went up around the UK that got increasingly creepy. A week later, Eve finally answered. For the billboards, we used graphology to develop custom typefaces and handwriting to reflect each of the character’s personalities and mindset.

Meanwhile, Villanelle started dedicating songs to Eve on BBC Radio 1, went on a Twitterstorm and it all got a little bit…crazy.

The campaign was picked up in UK and international press and became editor’s pick in The Drum, Adage and Creativity Online.

ECD: Laurent Simon

CDS: Susan Birtwistle, Ashley Temple

Creative: Stuart Gittings


Killing Eve Series 2 Trailer

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