BBC Radio 1 #MakeThisGreg

Each morning, close to 6 million people around the UK tune in to BBC Radio 1 Breakfast host Greg James. Offbeat and hilarious as he is—what people love most about Greg is that he is all about his listeners. So when it came time to create some ads for him, we thought: what better way to champion Greg’s listeners than to give them total control of his advertising?

Through his radio show and a launch film, Greg led the rallying cry—asking his listeners for help with promo ideas using the hash tag #MakeThisGreg. After several weeks and hundreds of entries across the nation, we finally picked our winners and actually made their ideas. No matter how weird.

ECD: Laurent Simon

CDs: Will Flack & Aaron Wilmer

Creative: Stuart Gittings

Director: Eoin Glaister

KICKIN ASS 2[1].jpg