Hip Hop Fingerdancing

The Greatest Dancer Fingerdancing

The Greatest Dancer on BBC One is a new competitive show that celebrates badass dance skills in every form, so BBC Creative thought - why not Fingerdancing? Yes…that’s right. We mean throwing down with your fingers.

For the launch of the show, we partnered with legendary Youtube sensation Fingers Breakdance to create a set of films that would pull in a new audience to who weren’t already hardcore dance fanatics. Our aim was to make dance more accessible while also focusing on the types of styles you might see on the show: hip hop, contemporary street dance and hiplet (hip hop ballet.)

So far, the videos have been viewed over 1.2 million times.

Partner: Fingers Breakdance

ECD: Laurent Simon

CD: Olly Harnett

Digital CD: Ashley Temple

Hip Hop Fingerdancing

Streetdance Fingerdancing

Hiplet Fingerdancing