Almond Breeze Recipes Made Breezy

Make room cows, because almonds have joined the milk club. We set out to get people to try Almond Breeze almond milk in smoothie recipes and ended up making the world's first cooking show on Vines.

Leveraging the brand's animated world of Breezeville, we used lovable milkman Al and his dog Breezy to host our cooking show, launching it on Tumblr and Twitter. To bring our characters to life, we partnered with legendary stop-motion animator Matt Willis of YellDesign.

During this project, we also wrote Almond Breeze's new global tagline, Almondiciously Good™, which is pretty cool because now it's on all their cartons and our moms get to brag to strangers in the milk aisle. 

CD: Ronny Northrop   CCO: Mimi Cook