Pokémon Pokéhunter

As they approached their 20th anniversary, Pokémon wanted to do something massive that would not only get them new users but celebrate the die-hard fans. 

We came up with idea of Poké Hunter, an augmented reality gaming app that brought Pokémon into the real world for the very first time. The premise of the app was simple: all 641 Pokémon characters have escaped into our world and are running wild. To win the game, you've got to catch them all and send them home.

Designed like a hunting map, the app allowed you to track Pokémon via hotspots to see what characters were lurking in your local area, then use a Pokéball to catch your prey.

At the time, the client did not pursue the project, and unfortunately never ever made anything like it. Which is too bad, because we think people really would have liked it. :)